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Insurance and payment options:
We have several options available for your convenience. We have found that our patients appreciate knowing exactly what dental financial responsibilities they will incur before receiving the necessary dental treatment.  

Dental Insurance:
We accept almost all dental insurances and will be glad to process your insurance forms at no charge. Please be aware that most insurance companies will not cover 100% of all dental expenses.

Cash or Check

Payment in full is due when services are performed.

5% Cash Discount

On services over $200, a 5% book keeping discount will be given when paid in full prior to that appointment date. The refund will be made if the proposed treatment is not completed.

Our office accepts most of the credit cards, MasterCard, VISA, Discover or American Express as popular payment methods. 

Care Credit:

We also offer a very convenient service called Care Credit for all of our patients. Care Credit helps our patients break larger treatment services into smaller, monthly payments, often financing with no interest if paid within the allotted amount of time. Please click on the  Care Credit link to learn more or to apply now.  If you have further questions, please feel free to call us at either on hyperlink below

Gradual Treatment Plan:

If it will be easier financially for those patients without dental insurance, we can plan the completion of your dental work by spreading your appointments over several months. We will arrange to do the more urgent services at the beginning of treatment.

We would be happy to work with you to plan out the most appropriate arrangement for your budget. Financing your treatment allows you to start your dental care immediately and spread the payments over a time period. Most importantly, it offers you the opportunity to enjoy the benefits of your dental health without the financial strain.

We want to thank you for trusting us as your health care provider. We appreciate your trust in us and we appreciate the opportunity to serve you. Part of our service to you is to try to contain the ever rising cost of health care. In an effort to do this, we have implemented a policy of no open billing. Our choices were between implementing this financial policy or raising our prices. In order to hold the line in costs and prices to you, we decided instead to implement this financial policy which will share the responsibility equally among all patients.

Our Services


Call Us:  318-861-9227

Urgent Services:

Urgent exam and treatment 

Tooth pain

Root canal treatment

Tooth fracture

Crown cementing

Nerve block for tooth pain

Denture adjustment and relining

Tooth extractions

Cosmetics Dental treatments:

Veneer & Smile Makeovers

Snap On Smile

In-Office Whitening

Porcelain Crowns & Fixed Bridges

Restorative Dentistry:

Cavity restoration & Fillings

Porcelain Crowns

Implant Placement & Restoration

Implant Partial denture and complete denture

We treat dental disease conditions:

Tooth decay and cavities

Tooth abscess and pain/Tooth sensitivity

Gum disease and bleeding

Tooth extraction

Missing tooth with denture and implant denture

Other dental treatments and procedures:

TMJ problem associated with headaches 

Temporary and permanent veneer for smiles 

Discoloration of teeth with teeth whitening and veneer

Schedule preventive teeth cleaning

Deep teeth cleaning for gum disease

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